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Many NGOs and some institutions or organizations have the problem of lack of funding, even if the work done is very appreciated and important. Otherwise, staff of these organizations work hardly until they become victim of stress and burnout. Through analysis we did, we saw that some organizations fail to design projects that deserve to be financed, either because of lack of supporting information (baselines), lack of skills needed to develop proposals or for projects execution. In other hand, there are professionals able to execute such activities who still underexploited or even unexploited.  Through training of RIME COMPANY LTD members in different areas and their practical experience, we made available to such organizations "RIME COMPANY LTD" in order to contribute to achievement of their objectives.

Mission, Vision and objectives of RIME COMPANY LTD

The mission of RIME COMPANY LTD is to provide a technical assistance to organizations working in psycho-social , human rights, health and development areas; and access to information based on research in psycho-social, human rights, health and development fields.

Availability of needed information for development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects in health, psycho-social, human rights and development fields and easy access to competent human resources for execution of these works is the vision of RIME COMPANY LTD.

The main objective of RIME COMPANY LTD is to provide basic information based on research and a technical assistance in formulation, execution, monitoring and evaluation of projects.

RIME COMPANY LTD has been created in order to help professionals to show their ability to decision makers so that they can cooperate with them in improvement of their organizations.
The approach of RIME COMPANY LTD is based in helping professionals to create new products to sell near employers, as well as to help organizations without high revenues to benefit expertise of professionals in their improvement. As a “for profit organization”, approaches of RIME COMPANY LTD are the following:

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I am pleased to welcome you to the website of RIME COMPANY LTD. Through this website, you will find knowledge and services which will help you accessing sustainable development: individually, in your family, in your community, in your organization or in your institution. The mission of RIME COMPANY LTD is to provide a technical assistance to organizations working in psycho-social, human rights, health and development areas. The aims of RIME COMPANY LTD include the provision of access to information based on research in psychosocial, human rights, health and development fields, as well as the promotion of some underdeveloped professions in these fields.

Our slogan is "Internal peace for a sustainable development."

RIME COMPANY LTD wish to collaborate with any skilled person wishing to promote his profession, and with any institution or organization committed to contribute towards sustainable development.

Your commitment to collaborate with RIME COMPANY LTD will be very fruitful and highly appreciated.

Narcisse Ntawigenera

Managing Director/